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Because your neck plays an important role in everyday activities, neck pain can interfere with your daily tasks. Dealing with neck pain on your own, especially when you do not know the source of it, can be challenging. At Axis Helath Center, our professional healthcare providers will identify the source of your neck condition and assist you in regaining normal pain-free function.

If you are looking for neck pain relief near Saskatoon on 8th Street, our wellness clinic is dedicated to helping you find long-lasting results with research-backed treatments. Request an appointment with Axis Health Center today to get started on the path toward recovery!

Why Does My Neck Hurt?

There are several causes of back pain, and determining the underlying cause can be difficult. Fortunately, our experienced chiropractor and acupuncturist can assist you in determining all of the factors causing the problem and developing a comprehensive plan to address them all!

Our expert chiropractor at Axis Health Center in Saskatoon treat all types of back and neck pain. We employ research-backed strategies that have been shown to produce long-term results.


Our spines are built to move in specific ways. Chronic poor posture and bad spine positions are one of the most common causes of back pain. Our spines are made for how our ancestors lived, to move more everyday to hunt, eat, travel and seek shelter. But today we typically spend most of our day sitting, standing, lifting, or pulling most of the time. This puts our spine in a chronic poor position and we begin to lose our healthy spine posture.

Back pain from poor posture is frequently associated with prolonged activities such as sitting and standing. Maintaining a posture can irritate the tissues in your body, resulting in pain, dysfunction, and, in the long run, inflammation or injury. This will eventually lead to arthritis in the spine.

The discs are specialized tissue between two vertebrae (i.e., spine bones). The discs help our spines move properly and absorb forces to protect the bones from injury. They also protect the nerves that come out of our spine and travel out into the body. If the disc gets injured then it can put pressure on the nerves of our spine causing more nerve damage.

The discs are particularly vulnerable to injury from bending and twisting movements, primarily when lifting in these positions. The disc is also susceptible to prolonged postures related to sitting or awkward tasks.

Injury to the discs can cause significant pain in the back and lead to a more serious condition known as radiculopathy (i.e., nerve pain) in your thigh, leg, or foot (aka sciatica). A disc that is damaged in the neck can cause pain into the arm, hand, and fingers similar to Carpal Tunnel and other nerve problems.

The good news is that our treatments at Axis Health Center can help you recover from a disc injury.

A back sprain is an injury to the ligaments in your spine, whereas a back strain is an injury to the muscles attaching to the spine. These injuries are frequently associated with a lifting injury or an accident (i.e., motor vehicle accident, work accident, or slip and fall).
Our clinic at Axis Health Center is ready to assist you recover from a muscle or ligament injury.


Another common cause of neck pain is degenerative disc disease or arthritis wear-and-tear, which is most commonly associated with nagging injury in the back and neck. Degenerative changes can also be caused by smoking, certain medications, and injury.

Degenerative disc disease is usually associated with reduced range of motion and pain when moving the spine. If the condition is caught and treated in the early stages there are better outcomes than when left alone for months and years.

People frequently describe a dull, painful ache in the lower back that worsens with prolonged standing or walking.

A neck muscle strain occurs when you overstretch your neck muscles. Neck muscle strains are often due to traumas like sports injuries, car accidents or are due to repetitive stress injuries (i.e. turning your head repeatedly while swimming). These neck traumas can also injur the joints of the neck.

Whiplash is a type of sprain/strain injury caused with the head to whips rapidly back and forth resulting in injury to the soft tissues in the back of the neck. A sprain occurs when you overstretch the ligaments whereas a strain occurs when you overstretch muscles.

The most common cause of whiplash injuries are an automobile accident, a high-impact sports collision or from a slip/fall type accident.

The best way to be 100% sure of why you are experiencing neck pain is to request an appointment with our Healthcare Providers at Axis Health Center in Saskatoon.

Certain diseases and illnesses can result in neck pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and meningitis which can all cause neck pain.

There are many more reasons why neck pain may occur, fortunately our expert Healthcare Providers know how to identify the source of your pain and more importantly, how to find relief!

Additionally, neck pain can sometimes include these symptoms:

  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain and discomfort
  • Weakness in your arms or shoulders
  • Headaches that include neck pain and radiating pain from the base of the skull or behind one eye
  • Numbness or tingling in the upper extremities
  • Stiffness and muscle tightness in the upper back and neck
  • Inability to turn or sit up straight
  • Pain when remaining in the same position for too long

If you are experiencing these symptoms, our Saskatoon Chiropractor and Acupuncture clinic has the solution. Our therapists are skilled in finding and treating the source of your neck pain!

Neck Pain Relief At Our Saskatoon Chiropractic Clinic

Our Chiropractor And Acupuncturist Can Get You Relief Today!

Approximately 70% of all people will experience neck pain, and up to one-third of the population have experienced neck pain at some point during the last year. Additionally, due to the nature of neck pain it can commonly return if it becomes re-aggravated. Therefore, the key to relieving neck pain is seeking help sooner rather than later!

When left untreated, neck pain can persist, get worse, and in severe situations, may require surgery. Research has shown that seeking treatment early on can help alleviate the current situation and minimize the risk of a future problem.

The most common symptom in the early stages of neck pain is pain in one side of the neck with associated loss of motion when turning in one direction. Often people will also experience tension (tightness) in the upper back muscles (i.e., traps) that is worse at the end of the day or after a long day looking at the computer screen.

Some people will notice pain when they wake up that seems to have started for no apparent reason. The discomfort might be mild or severe, ranging from dull aching to acute, stabbing aches.

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