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Have you ever hurt yourself while exercising or playing a sport? Injuries are sometimes unavoidable in sports, whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior. If you’ve been sidelined due to a sports injury, it’s time to see a sports chiropractor or physiotherapist so you can get back to doing what you love!

We treat sport injuries including muscle strains, ligament sprains, contusions, fractures, concussions, and more! Whatever your injury is, our expert doctors and healthcare providers can help you recover and prepare your body for the demands of any sport you enjoy playing.

Please contact us if you have recently suffered a sprain or strain, if you are looking to recover from surgery or a broken bone or are looking to improve your mechanics for that extra edge in performance. Our therapists regularly work with athletes and understand how to prepare them for any sport or physical activity.

We’ll get you off the bench and back on the field as soon as possible! Make an appointment as soon as possible with our sports injury clinic.

Saskatoon Sport Injury Treatment

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Injuries are common during any sporting season and are classified as either traumatic or overuse.

A specific incident causes traumatic injuries, such as:

  • Sprains (i.e., ankle or ACL)
  • Strains, including pulled muscles
  • Concussions (i.e., football collisions, soccer ball heading, falls, etc.)

Overuse injuries, however, are caused by repetitive movements and/or poor technique performed over time. Overuse injuries include the following:

  • Tendinitis (i.e., shin splints, jumper’s knee)
  • Repetitive stress with poor technique (i.e., stress fractures, throwing injuries)

Sprains are a common injury in sports. Ligaments connect your bones. A sprain can occur when a ligament is stretched beyond its limits. When a ligament is stretched, it becomes looser and more prone to being sprained again in the future.

Strains, also known as pulled muscles, are similar to sprains but affect muscles and tendons rather than ligaments. Tendons are the fibrous bands that connect your muscles to your bones. A strain can occur when a tendon is stretched beyond its limit. If the tendon is injured, it must be completely healed or it can lead to chronic overuse.

We will conduct an injury screening to identify any underlying conditions that may result in future injuries. If and when we identify limitations and weaknesses, we will address them head-on in order to resolve them fully.

As you progress through rehabilitation, the intensity and complexity of your program will be increased. To prepare your body for the demands of a competitive sports season, our team will incorporate sports-specific training. We will work hard to get you ready for the start of your season.

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Sports can improve a person’s health and happiness, but they also carry the risk of injury, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a highly competitive athlete! Our dedicated doctors and healthcare providers at Axis Health Center in Saskatoon are highly skilled at treating all types of athletes and their various injuries. We will work with you to get you back on the field as soon as possible!

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